4 Ways To Improve New Employee Retention

Jul 3, 2023 9:48:15 AM / by Payday HCM

If you’re worried about losing employees, you’re not alone. Following the pandemic, employees are more restless than ever and there are also more opportunities, which can make for an unstable roster. That creates not only a lot of work but a lot of paperwork, and we want to help you avoid that very thing.

We have seen these types of issues come up repeatedly over the last 30 years at PaydayHCM. We have developed tried-and-true solutions that keep the newest members of your team happy and comfortable with their new role in your company.

By the end of this article, you will be familiar with some of the pitfalls and dangers to avoid, as well as proactive ways to retain that new employee who took you so much time and effort to find. It’s never too late to enact these guidelines, and the results will far outweigh the effort it takes to implement them.



1. Welcome Your New Employees Properly

This one may seem obvious but it’s overlooked far too often. It is vital to their success and comfort in the onboarding process You want to make them feel that they have made the right decision by coming to work for you.

Come up with two or three things that you can do each time bring on a new hire to make their first day special. It could be as simple as taking them to lunch or leaving a welcome basket in their workspace. Whatever you decide make sure it’s something repeatable that’s not going to break the bank either.

Day one is crucial and you need to focus on making an impact from that point forward. It’s the first step in helping your new hire build relationships with their coworkers. This goes hand-in-hand with the idea of helping them to feel more comfortable in their new environment.

We recommend going beyond a simple cubicle meet and greet tour and setting up a system where each manager of their department schedules time for the new employee to meet members of their team. This is great for establishing the human interaction that we all need but also has the effect of breaking down barriers that may keep your new employee from going to ask an important question or fully participating in meetings.



2. Commit to a Solid Training Process for New Hires

The training program you develop in your company can be the difference between keeping or losing a great employee. Remember that your organization and your new employee are both experiencing a time of transition.

The new employee will come with their own set of skills that relate to the job they’ve been hired for but that in no way means that they are familiar with the systems or software used throughout the company. The biggest mistake would be to give the new hire their things and walk away.

Instead, you need to create a clear pathway for them to find their way to success in the company. Creating an onboarding checklist is a great way to make sure they are on the right track. This checklist can include benchmarks for accomplishment, and knowledge, as well as listings of essential activities for all new employees to participate in.



3. Don’t Leave Training Up to Technology

As we mentioned, sitting your new employee down at their new computer and then leaving them alone to learn the ropes will not end well. Technology is excellent for answering some questions and putting organizational systems in place but it is not a replacement for individual interactions with management.

Instead of relying on technology to fill in the blanks, take a bookend approach to training your new employee. This means giving them assignments and information in the first half of the workday and then coming back to check in during the second half of the workday. You can then answer any questions they may have. Remember, it’s a mistake to make assumptions about what your new employee knows. Don’t assume that they know your specific workflow software, for example.



4. Build Relationships by Maintaining Communication

Communication is vital from their first day at the office to their first assignment. Maintaining communication takes effort but is well worth it. Not only giving your new employee the tools to do the work but also explaining the steps of the process and the expectations tied to the assignment. That means knowing the overall picture of what you are asking them to do so that you can explain it clearly, step-by-step.

If communication is half of the answer, then the other half is building relationships through that constant line of communication. Regular check-ins with your new employee in the following months are invaluable. How often the check-ins happen will need to be determined on an individual basis. Weekly check-ins may be too much for some employees and just right for others. There is no standard answer for how much interaction should take place.

When you meet with your new employee, the interactions should stay positive and encouraging. It is not a time for stern corrections or pointing out mistakes. Instead, keep feedback positive and give friendly suggestions or offer help if your new employee needs to meet expectations in some way. Early mistakes are often due to a lack of awareness.



Continuing Employee Retention

If you are trying to retain new employees on your team, the principles mentioned above will help if you implement them properly. Avoid overwhelming your new employee by breaking these interactions up throughout their first days. Give them time to process each piece of information they are receiving. Get their managers consistently involved. Have a consistent plan in place that you can repeat for each new employee.

PaydayHCM is here to help you. Whether you need consulting, a turnkey business solution, or help with any other aspect of your business. We’re here to make your business journey more meaningful and less time-consuming. Continue your learning journey with  3 Reasons to Choose a Combined Benefits and Payroll Service.

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