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Stop Wasting Time on Payroll—Get Back to What Matters

Are you tired of spending hours on payroll, worried about mistakes, and dealing with frustrated employees? Let's make payroll a hassle-free experience for you.

Payroll Tax Filing & Payroll Compliance

We ensure 100% accuracy guarantee and compliance on all tax filing, tax payments, and unemployment taxes in all 50 states.

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Effortless Year-End Reporting

Ensure accurate and timely W-2 and 1099 forms for your employees and contractors.

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Real-Time Payroll Reports and Audits

Give you instant insights to optimize your finances.

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Stay Compliant, Stay Focused

Eliminate the stress of tax law changes. We handle updates so you can focus on running your business.


Empower Your Employees With Financial Flexibility

Employees love waiting for payday, but many can't afford to wait that long. Give employees the option of stress-free finance management with earned wage access.

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Financial Stress Relief

Offer employees on-demand access to their earned wages, reducing financial strain and improving morale.

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Improved Productivity and Retention

Help employees manage unexpected expenses without missing a beat, leading to increased focus and satisfaction.

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Convenient Payment Options

Offer on-demand wage access via convenient pay cards or direct deposit options.

Our Clients

Total Payroll Data Security

Our formal program consist of an ongoing review process by third-party auditors. Our platform is hosted and protected by cloud computing.

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Security of Customer Data

We employ a rigorous program of ongoing audits by independent security experts to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Cloud-Based Protection

Your data is safeguarded by the advanced security features of leading cloud computing platforms.

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Finally Experience Peace of Mind

Focus on running your business, knowing your payroll data is secure with our comprehensive security measures.


Hear from our clients

Payroll Solution FAQs

Get answers to your critical questions about streamlining and perfecting your company's payroll process.

How does your payroll system ensure accuracy and compliance with tax regulations?

Can your payroll solution integrate with my existing HR and accounting software?

What kind of support can I expect if I encounter issues with the payroll system?

3 Steps to Free Up Time & Reduce Payroll Stress

Payroll Shouldn’t be a Hassle

Ditch the manual drudgery and inaccuracies of payroll. Payday HCM offers a seamless, automated solution that saves you time, minimizes errors, and keeps your employees happy. Meet with our experts today!