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Time and Management

Optimize Time and Management for a Smarter Workforce

Step into the future of workforce management with our innovative time and management solutions. Our tools are crafted to enhance efficiency, improve employee time tracking, and streamline administrative tasks.



Your time and labor software platform is the nerve center of your time and attendance system. Our software offers simple, intelligent navigation, robust reporting & powerful configuration options.

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Flexible Meal and Break Policies

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Overtime Management

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Hours and Punch Entry


With our employee scheduling module in place, you can ensure compliance with legal scheduling regulations, such as predictive scheduling, that are in effect in cities and states across the nation.

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Changing, Moving, and Scheduling Employee Shifts

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Keep Employees Informed with Instant Alerts

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Allow Employees to Request Shifts and Coverage

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GO and Geo-fencing

As more and more employees are working remotely and on the go, employers need a reliable solution to accurately track their employees. Geofencing uses reliable mapping data and GPS coordinates as soon as a punch is created to keep track of your employees.

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Advanced Geo-fencing Technology

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Real-Time Location Tracking

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Automated Time and Attendance

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Time and Management FAQs

Below, we address common queries about optimizing employee performance and achieving business goals.

How can Time and Labor Management software improve employee productivity?

What are the benefits of using Time and Labor Management software for remote teams?

Can Time and Labor Management systems help in complying with labor laws and regulations?

Manage Your Time in 3-Steps

The solution is straightforward. Partnering with us provides a seamless three-step process to address these three key challenges effectively.

Timekeeping with Ease

You should be managing your timekeeping without any hardships. Let us develop a system helping you with this process.