5 Key Benefits of Using an LMS for Employee Training

May 11, 2023 5:06:02 PM / by Payday HCM

LMS stands for Learning Management System. LMS is a great tool for employee training, allowing much higher efficiency and effectiveness. It also makes it easy for both employees and employers to track, monitor, and report on the training progress. 

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 key benefits of using an LMS for employee training and see why it’s a key contributor to employee success and retention. 


Comprehensive & Ready-to-Use Resources

An LMS is a strong tool that brings together a comprehensive list of resources, including course materials, training tutorials, and more. With an LMS, employees gain access to an enormous amount of training materials with little time spent on searching and filtering the right resources. Employees can jump right in and start learning from day one, with loaded ready-to-use courses that were filtered out by the system. 


Customizable Training Courses

Aside from using existing learning materials, it is also easy to create your own training courses that are tailored to your organization’s special needs and processes. And this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. The LMS enables you to take the existing courses and repurpose and reissue them, just to fit your specific needs. LMS makes it an effortless and redundancy-free process to upload and launch new courses as you like. 


Adjustable Curricula Tailored to the Job Role

An LMS also allows employers to design their own curricula that can actively engage their own employees. This is because these curricula are more innovative, interactive, and more tailored to their organization’s needs and overall goals in employee training. Custom curricula can benefit both the employee and employers by increasing productivity - employees can quickly and effectively learn the new skills that are needed for their specific roles and immediately apply them on the job.


Employee Autonomy & Self-Service

Not only will an LMS benefit the employer, but it will also make employees’ lives much easier. An LMS enables self-service and thus allows more autonomy for the employees. They can choose to take training courses from any device, any place, and at any time - in a way that works the best for them. In LMS software, employees can retake any lessons or courses that they have access to. This will allow each employee to plan their learning based on their own needs, goals, timeline, and skillsets for maximized efficiency and outcomes.

The self-service feature will make the employee learning experience more spontaneous and easier to manage around each employee’s schedule. It’ll also save tons of time for the HR admins and allow them to focus on working on more crucial tasks. 


Easy Recordkeeping

An LMS makes it easy for recordkeeping as well. After courses are assigned and completed, Employees can easily view progress metrics and track performance within the system. When companies embrace an LMS for employee training, critical compliance course data will never get lost in the mix. Gamification strategies and certificates make participating in courses and tracking results more engaging for the workforce, too.


Simplify Your Employee Training with an LMS

Payday HCM offers two LMS solutions tailored to your needs for powerful employee learning management software. Our robust LMS software and a comprehensive resource library cover all your needs from training, monitoring, and reporting when it comes to employee learning. Contact us today and get ready for employee growth. 


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