Without continuous training and development, employees can often feel stagnant and struggle with not being challenged enough in their work. Payday HCM Learn is a powerful LMS delivered within Payday HCM’s software platform where Human Resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can create and track online training, as well as assign courses and paths, all personalized for your business and delivered across your entire workforce.

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With a visually intuitive interface, Payday HCM Learn makes learning more accessible to everyone on your team. Learning is self-paced and includes gamification elements to keep learners engaged. Use learning to improve employee engagement, provide professional development, upgrade technical skills, and increase compliance. Payday HCM Learn allows you to easily upload your own content to the LMS system and provide user-friendly courses tailored to your organization, improving job performance. Also create your own paths, quizzes, and certifications that meet the needs of your organization.
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Learn Pro

Learn Pro provides access to an extensive library of additional courses, some of which are available in multiple languages. You get all of the features of Learn, along with over 150 training videos on topics such as compliance, business skills, workplace safety, and management.
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Education Paths

Many employees who start looking for a new job are looking for something that gives them the chance to grow. Satisfy your employees need for opportunities by offering them training and education options within the company with customizable Learn education paths. The employees who are most dedicated to their work and are motivated to grow within the company will be happy to have the opportunity to hone their skills. Demonstrate the value you place in each employees' personal growth and development within the company and they will see no need to look for opportunities elsewhere.
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Intelligent Learning. Simplified.

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