How to Attract Job Applicants
in the New Normal

Compensation and employee benefits still take the forefront of what potential candidates for your business look for in a job offer, but what else plays a role in their decision to accept a new position?

How to Attract Job Applicants

We are living in the “new normal” that everyone talked about back when COVID-19 first caused disruption. Employment practices, hiring strategies, and simply running a business will never be the same. In order to continue to attract job applicants, companies need to know what they should be including in job offers and job descriptions.

What to Include in Job Offers

Although this new normal varies based on what industry your business thrives in, where it resides, and the actual nature of your business, everyone has experienced a change in their day-to-day routines. Leadership teams and managers have had little choice but to shift their focus from maintaining the business to improving the employee experience.

What the Research Says

Research indicates that the focus on employee engagement is a result of the increasingly common trend of remote work environments, as well as efforts to improve retention rates and combat The Great Resignation.

While a modern, hiring and onboarding solution is a great starting point to improve employee attraction and retention, employers need to know what potential new hires are looking for in their job search. 

Isolved surveyed more than 1,000 full-time employees working across a variety of industries and regions in the United States, in order to help employers gain a better grasp of the expectations that lie in the talent pool.


This is what they found...


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