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Finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent is key to building a successful business. Payday HCM makes it easy to attract employees that have the right skills and experience. An efficient and organized hiring and onboarding process creates a positive experience for candidates and new employees which is critical to long-term retention. Our platform’s onboarding functionality eliminates cumbersome manual paperwork that comes with the onboarding process with a paperless method, getting new employees off to a great start and making a strong first impression.

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If you are looking for a way to identify and hire the right people for your organization, so you can be an employer of choice in your industry, Talent Acquisition is the tool you have been looking for.
Talent Acquisition allows you to manage the process all the way from recruitment to hire, and all new employee data seamlessly flows directly into your HCM platform, making paperwork and extra data entry (and related errors) a thing of the past. Every step of the hiring process is customizable, with applicant scoring, tracking, and assessments.
Talent Acquisition features twenty-six standard reports, along with analytics and dashboards available at a glance. Add-ons include background checks, drug screenings, and video interviewing.
  • Post to 600+ job boards in seconds with a single click.
  • Organize your hiring process to attract better candidates.
  • Decrease time and cost per hire.
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With employee onboarding from Payday HCM, employers can support every important human connection throughout the hiring process. Turn prospective candidates into productive employees that deliver the return on investment that every business strives for. 
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With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, many companies are scrambling to decrease their turnover rates. By offering higher salaries and expensive perks, some companies have even succeeded in drawing out their industry's talent from their rivals.
Talented and skilled workers are seeking out companies that have the most to offer, and if your business isn't able to keep up, you may see your employee retention rates drop.
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