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HR Best Practices: 5 Tips to Streamline Your Onboarding Process in 2024

Dec 29, 2023 2:20:17 PM / by Kristi Feist posted in Employee Engagement, Employee Onboarding, Employee Training

In 2024, streamlining your onboarding process is more important than ever. Not only is it key to ensuring that new employees know what to expect when they work with your company, your onboarding process can have a...

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5 Ways to Ensure Your New Hires Have a Successful First 30 Days

Dec 27, 2023 10:00:00 AM / by Patrick Sanders posted in Employee Engagement, Employee Training, Employee Experience

The first month in a new job can often be overwhelming for new hires, filled with uncertainty and the pressure to prove themselves. This period is crucial, not just for the employee but also for the organization, in...

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5 Benefits of Using an LMS for Employee Training

May 11, 2023 5:06:02 PM / by Keith Edwards posted in Employees, LMS, Learning Management System, Employee Training

Today, the challenge of efficiently training employees is more pressing than ever. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a pivotal solution to this challenge. An LMS streamlines the training process and significantly...

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