Payday HCM enables you to collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance data more effectively. Track and monitor meals, breaks, and overtime, use geofencing to track employee locations for clocking in and out, calculate and manage comp time, and monitor errors for complete and accurate time cards.

GO and Geofencing


Payday HCM’s software platform is the nerve center of your time and attendance system. It connects various methods of time collection such as physical time clocks, the mobile app, or even self-service, providing maximum flexibility no matter where your employees are located or how they work. Our software offers simple, intelligent navigation, robust reporting & powerful configuration options. Everything you need in a Time solution, including hours entry, punch entry, labor allocation, flexible meal and break policies, overtime management, error monitoring, time rounding rules, and more.
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Building and managing employee shifts is easier than ever with the robust Scheduling module. It allows employers to handle schedules with ease, changing, moving, and scheduling employee shifts. Employers can set rules for who is able or eligible to be assigned for a particular shift, and keep employees informed with instant alerts when schedules are pushed live. Easily see at-a-glance details of when employees are unavailable for work. Employees can request shifts, and request shift coverage from within a pool of co-workers. With this module in place, you can ensure compliance with legal scheduling regulations, such as predictive scheduling, that are in effect in cities and states across the nation.
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GO and Geofencing

As more and more employees are working remotely and on-the-go, employers need a reliable solution to accurately track their employees. Beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on accuracy of all employee time records - FLSA, FMLA and the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records - even for your remote employees. Geofencing uses reliable mapping data and GPS coordinates as soon as a punch is created to keep track of your employees, especially when they’re on the go, working at multiple sites, or clocking in remotely.
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Replace Tedious Time-Tracking Procedures & Completely Eliminate Manual Collection Of Payroll Information.

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