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Payday HCM provides cutting-edge payroll services and software that is designed to streamline the way you pay your employees. Efficient, accurate, secure, and easy payroll processing every time, along with exceptional customer service from our tenured professionals.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access
Payroll services New Mexico
Payroll Tax Filing
Payroll services New Mexico
Wages On-Demand
On Demand Payroll Services
Total Data Security
Payroll Company New Mexico

Access and Process Payroll Anytime, Anywhere

Payday HCM offers an intuitive, configurable, and user-friendly human capital management solution built specifically for small-to-midsize employers. 

Our payroll software puts you in control of your payroll processing, alerting you to potential errors before you process so you can deliver the perfect paycheck, every time, from anywhere.

Payday HCM is the payroll service you've been looking for. Our comprehensive software suite combines payroll, human resources, benefits enrollment, and time and labor to unify simplify workforce management.
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Payroll services New Mexico
Payroll services New Mexico

Payroll Tax Filing
& Payroll Compliance

Payday HCM ensures a 100% Accuracy Guarantee and compliance on all tax filing, tax payments, and unemployment taxes in all 50 States.

We continuously verify updates and/or changes in Federal, State, and Local taxes, making payroll compliance an easy task for employers. 
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Wages On-Demand

Payday HCM offers multiple options regarding earned wage access and wages on-demand, including:
  • Standard Wages On-Demand
  • Financial Wellness Program
  • Earned Wage Access Cards
  • ZayZoon Boost
  • Direct Deposit for Tips


Employees love waiting for payday, but many can't afford to wait that long. Give employees the option of stress-free finance management with earned wage access. See what's possible with Payday HCM's Wages On-Demand Services.
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On Demand Payroll Services
Payroll Company New Mexico

Total Payroll Data Security

Payday HCM maintains a formal and comprehensive program designed to ensure:
  • The security of customer data
  • Protect against security threats
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the data of its customers


A key indicator of that formal program is an ongoing review process by third-party auditors. Our platform is hosted and protected by the biggest and most trusted name in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure™.
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Bring HR & Payroll Together in a Unified Technology

Download our HR and Payroll Solution Guide to learn more about the platform that
does it all for payroll and HR.
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