Employee retention is critical to every businesses success. With competition for talent at an all time high, employers need to find ways to engage and retain top talent and reduce turnover. Using our employee engagement software, managers can keep employees connected, allowing them to learn, share, innovate, and grow, improving productivity and performance. From employee pulse surveys, to knowledge sharing tools, to performance management, our employee engagement solution will keep your workforce engaged and growing.

Collaboration & Connectivity
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Performance Insights
employee engagement and performance insights
Employee Self Service
Employee Engagement

Collaboration & Connectivity

With employee engagement software, managers can improve the culture and engagement at their organization while promoting collaboration and keeping employees connected.
Built-in features include:
  • A personalized dashboard
  • Live feed wall
  • Idea and knowledge-sharing resources
  • Pulse surveys
  • And other ways to collaborate, share and help one another


Even if many of your workers are off-site, our employee engagement solution keeps everyone in the same working environment, with the same shared information, and even the same headspace; because your goals, culture and mission are ever-present. Boost employee engagement by allowing better communication between workers, no matter where they may be, and reap the benefits of happier, more motivated, and more productive employees.

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Performance Insights

One of the first ways to improve retention and engagement at your organization is to improve real-time feedback. With our employee engagement solutions, you can get insights into the performance and results of every member of your team while keeping everyone aligned with the goals of the company. The 360 feedback tool allows you to seek input from all directions, including those inside and outside your company and up and down in the reporting structure.
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Employee Self Service

With Payday HCM, employees have sort of a “digital vault” of data and information that is both easy to use and easy to access. It simplifies the lives of your HR team members and fellow employees, allowing them on-demand access to their payroll, benefits, and company information. Employees can view their current benefit elections and plan summaries, PTO balances, time-off, and view and print check stubs and W-2s, all from anywhere with an internet signal, including from a tablet or cell-phone.
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