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Do you find that you are so busy managing your workforce that you don’t have enough time to do the job that you love—the reason you went into business in the first place?

Do you currently use a Human Capital Management (HCM) company but feel they are expensive and impersonal? Do you wonder why you need an HCM to work for you at all?

Maybe it’s time to examine why you need Payday HCM to do the job for you.

Unlike other HCMs, Payday takes the time to learn not only your needs for today but your goals for tomorrow. We use a methodology called the Payday HCM Expert Advantage to set ourselves apart from the rest.

This process originated when our longest clients shared why they continue to do business with us. In analyzing their responses, we discovered seven distinct approaches that separate us from the competition.

The Advantage Your Team
Needs To Succeed

Save Money: The Payday HCM Bundle Advantage

We offer our clients a bundled approach that allows for economies of scale. Our Account Executives conduct a Strategic Blueprint of your current HCM processes, which allows us to discover your wants and needs from a technology viewpoint, and to develop that personal connection that drives our famous customer service. After analyzing your needs, we configure our bundled solutions to match your unique requirements. Then, when all of your data is in one place your efficiency goes up as your costs go down.

No Headaches: The Responsive Team Solution

As a Payday HCM client you will have a single point of contact. This means no call center, no ticket number, no explaining your problem over and over to someone new every time; just timely access to real people who are committed to your satisfaction. If problems arise, we gather the necessary professionals around the table, and discuss any problems in depth. We work to find a resolution that meets or exceeds the client’s wishes.

Be the Experts: The Unique Training Method

We take a hands-on approach to training our clients and their staff on how to use their unique, bundled HCM solution. In our experience, better training results in creating the efficiencies that drive costs down. Our clients receive continuous training as they grow and experience staff transitions. Plus, our monthly educational webinars help our clients stay current on relevant HCM issues. Finally, clients are left with support materials that are straightforward and clear, plus ongoing access to help whenever you need it.

Be Legal: The Compliance Navigator

Whether it’s ACA reporting, I-9 verification, payroll taxes, OSHA, 401(k) plan management, HIPAA regulations, or ERISA, Payday HCM always knows how to navigate compliance issues and we make sure you do, too.

Value Added: The Proactive Solution

Payday HCM proactively pursues 100% client satisfaction. We do this with our unique Quality Connection process. This involves scheduling visits with you, which enable us to measure how we are doing and anticipate your needs. These visits also provide the groundwork for eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. In addition, our solutions are designed to grow along with our clients’ businesses. We find that continuous interaction allows us to continuously increase efficiencies on your behalf.

Keep it Simple: The Simplified Pricing Model

Your unique HCM bundle is designed to deliver maximum value. Your annual charges are predictable, without the automatic rate increases and hidden fees you may get from other firms. Our team is here to resolve your frustrations, not create new ones. With Payday HCM you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

One for All: The Comprehensive Platform

Payday HCM’s comprehensive platform provides a single sign on, web-based solution that manages the entire employee lifecycle—from hire to retire. With easy-to-navigate, interactive technology, our solution gives your organization unmatched, robust functionality for administering your human capital management processes.

Find Out How We Can Help You Today

Across the board, Payday HCM simplifies your workforce management, provides unparalleled customer service, and ultimately saves you time, money, and frustration. But that’s not all. We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain the personalized attention that your company deserves. With our Expert Advantage, we guarantee that you will receive unmatched customer service.

Use the contact form on the right, call us at 1-888-2PAYDAY (1-888-272-9329), or email us at for a one-on-one review of your HCM needs.

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