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On-Demand Pay, Earned Wage Access (EWA) - What It Is and How it Works

Nov 28, 2023 10:24:40 AM / by Payday HCM posted in earned wage access, on-demand pay

On-demand pay, also known as Earned Wage Access (EWA), is a flexible payroll solution that allows employees to get their money before the regular pay cycle ends. Gaining access to wages ahead of time carries potential...

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2023 / 2024 Minimum Wage Changes by State

Nov 21, 2023 9:00:00 AM / by Payday HCM posted in Compliance, 2023 Minimum Wage, Minimum Wage by State

No matter where a business is located, employers need to start by staying up to date with the minimum wage requirements of their state in order to maintain compliance.

Updated: November 21, 2023

Beyond state minimum...

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Rehiring Employees: What Managers Need to Know

Oct 3, 2023 9:00:00 AM / by Payday HCM posted in Recruitment, Workforce Management, Hiring and Onboarding

In today's dynamic workplace, employers are looking to both new and proven methods of rebuilding their workforce.

One historically proven way of doing so is by rehiring ex-employees. With that, comes the challenge of...

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Employee Scheduling Tips to Reduce Cost and Foster Engagement

Sep 28, 2023 1:13:26 PM / by Payday HCM posted in Workforce Management, Time and Labor, Timekeeping, Employee Scheduling, Employee Schedules

The days of the high-stress work culture are gone behind us as the business world bows to the science of productivity. Study after study has determined that well-rested and engaged employees are more productive than...

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What Does a Meaningful Benefits Package Cost?

Sep 26, 2023 1:42:00 PM / by Payday HCM posted in Employee Benefits, Employee Well-Being, Health Insurance, Health Benefits

Benefits packages come in all shapes and sizes and can vary widely by industry and company size. We are going to cut through all of the noise in this article and give you a good idea of what a meaningful benefits...

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State-by-State Health Insurance Open Enrollment Deadline for 2024

Sep 26, 2023 12:57:00 PM / by Payday HCM posted in Open Enrollment, Open Enrollment Period (OEP), Special Enrollment Period (SEP), Qualifying Life Event (QLE)

The annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is a set period of time when you can enroll in the majority of medical health insurance plans or ACA-compliant health insurance plans each year. The Open Enrollment Period is...

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10 Things to Consider When Enforcing Return-to-Work

Sep 12, 2023 1:20:00 PM / by Payday HCM posted in Back to work, Workforce Management, COVID-19

With current debates, discussions, and considerations of getting people back to work and re-opening businesses, there are still many questions and concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 situation. 


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Why Employee Health Benefits Matter to My Business

Aug 25, 2023 5:00:00 AM / by Payday HCM

Employee health benefits are a hot topic and even though they can seem like another item on your management list, they are invaluable to your organization. Employee benefits are an investment that can boost productivity...

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Understanding the Importance of Onboarding

Aug 18, 2023 5:00:00 AM / by Payday HCM posted in Employees, Employee Onboarding, Onboarding

A well-thought-out and well-organized onboarding system is crucial for any business aiming to strengthen its workforce and improve retention. It signals to new hires your dedication to developing each employee to meet...

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What to Do if You Are Not in Compliance With the ACA

Aug 16, 2023 5:00:00 AM / by Payday HCM

Staying in compliance with government regulations can be a difficult task for business owners and managers. There is so much to know on the state and federal levels that it can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. One...

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