Workplace Reconfiguration Tips for Safety

Aug 4, 2020 5:45:00 PM / by Payday HCM

Reconfiguring the workplace for health and safety is as difficult as it is important for returning to work in a world forever altered by COVID-19. Employers are considering how to enforce social distancing guidelines at work, as well as other tactics to keep employees healthy and safe. 

Employers should consider using the following strategies as well, in order to provide a safe and healthy workspace for their employees. 

Employers can also check out our infographic on return-to-work safely

Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace for Return-to-Work

While more obvious strategies are consistently being considered and adopted, such as reducing the occupancy of your workplace at any given time, there are seven highly effective measures that employers may take, 

Signs to Direct Foot Traffic

Use signs with things such as arrows to remind employees in which direction to walk in, which door to use, etc. Keeping employees moving in an organized fashion will help reduce crowding in the office and create more space for your employees to work. 

Signs to Direct Employee Seating

Use signs to identify possible areas for employees to work in. For instance, in communal work areas, mark chairs that employees should avoid sitting in, allowing for more workspace and social distancing. 

Floor Stickers Where Appropriate

Employers should consider using floor stickers where appropriate, such as in areas where lines form. Bathrooms are a good example of where these work well, as well as checkout lines. 

Adjust or Create Cleaning Schedules

It is important that employers keep spaces clean, especially any countertops and other surfaces that people are consistently touching. While not every employer may be able to afford it, a professional cleaning service is a great way to keep everything clean. 

Sanitation Dispensers

It is incredibly helpful to provide employees with hand sanitizer, as opposed to forcing them to provide it themselves. Providing sanitization dispensers will help ensure employees are always keeping their hands clean. This is especially helpful in retail and other similar industries. 

Desk Covers

While not always useful in some instances, desk covers can help keep the workplace clean. These are especially helpful for employers who have communal workspaces that are shared by alternating hybrid workers. 

Cubicles, Partitions, and Plexi Glass

Depending on the type of business you may have, the type of partition or method of employee separation may vary. However, one thing stays the same, employers should use some form of partition when applicable. 


Employers looking for more information on reconfiguring the workplace can check out our infographic on return-to-work.

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