Human Resources

Payday recognizes that within any company the Human Resource Department is a vital element, regardless of company size. In today's business world HR has gone beyond the handling of payroll and benefits. It has grown to include the elements of both hiring and firing along with keeping up to date with state and federal laws. Regardless of which HR issues are being addressed it is important to realize that any mix up concerning these issues can easily turn into legal problems for your business and more than likely will lead to employee dissatisfaction.

At Payday we offer a variety of Human Resource functions along with the coinciding software to support these functions. Our software allows your company to track your employee's personal information, performance reviews and benefits along with other valuable customized tools such as record keeping and compliance with government reporting requirements.

Along with the top of the line software, Payday is proud to offer outsourced HR consulting and administration services for your company. Our HR professionals will assist you in making the best choices regarding your most valuable assets, your employees.

Our areas of service include:

  • Helping companies with reducing employee turnover, increasing employee engagement and productivity and assisting owners and managers with employee retention by hiring and retaining the right employees for the right positions.

Our administrative services include:

  • Employment Policies & Procedures such as employee handbooks and job description
  • Federal & State Law Compliance such and personnel files, EEO1 reporting, ADA & FMLA compliance
  • Employee Development such as performance management and incentive programs
  • Recruitment & Termination Processes such as new hire employee documentation, interviewing, corrective action and unemployment/EEO claims
  • Training such as respectful workplace, customer service and manager/employee communication, etc; and on-going Consultation and Counseling.